Fun Nursery Activities for Your Little One in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire

At Little Buds Day Care Nursery, we prioritise your child’s development and independence in learning. Based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, we develop your little buds through fun nursery activities as part of our quality pre-school education.

Developing Personal, Social and Emotional Skills

We as a family nursery encourage a safe and secure, warm, and loving environment.

We support our children to respect and love each other. We enable children to
develop social skills and interaction naturally through 1 to 1 engagement, solving conflict and emotional issues together. We promote a consistent behavioural policy and approach daily. Children very much enjoy circle time activities, dancing together and learning together.

We celebrate special occasions and family traditions as a setting, being open and diverse to everyone’s uniqueness!

Daily, we support our children’s individual goals, there is no emphasis on time to achieve, but nurture and encourage them to learn at their own pace.

Communication and Language

Communication and language is a big part of life at our nursery and should feature in your child’s development too. We help and encourage communication through everyday interaction by finding their own photographs to put their coats on their own individual pegs, which allows them to complete step-by-step tasks at their own pace. 

Our dedicated staff use prop boxes to encourage and enhance learning through during our song and rhyme time. With lots of visual aids to enhance communication, they also use puppet play to encourage the children to talk and engage with each other as well as featuring lots of singing activities throughout the day. 

As part of our preschool education, we encourage our children to solve their own problems and conflicts appropriately, giving them the communication tools under supervision. This way, we are able to support the growth of your little one’s independence and social skills as part of the day care experience. 

Physical Development

At our nursery, children are always encouraged to be as independent as possible. We even promote child-led learning in relation to potty training and listen carefully to your child’s needs. Your little one learns the importance of good oral health and brush their teeth daily by learning routine songs while carrying out particular activities. 

The children are also encouraged to develop their fine motor skills through various mark-making activities to make learning interesting and fun. With access to climbing equipment and a separate baby and toddler play area as well as a newly landscaped gardening space, your little one can also take part in various outdoor activities to add to their development.

Creative Activities

With room sections designed for access to small world play, books for reading and observing, and also opportunities to experiment with body expression, your child has the space to express their own creativity. 

Encouraging all of our children to develop skills in literacy and maths as well as understanding the world and experimenting with the arts and design, our staff promote free play and give your little one the chance to form their own learning journey.

Online Tracking System

Development and learning is monitored through our online tracking system called Owl Track. Children, parents, and staff have access to each child’s portfolio. Owl track is a great way to keep an eye on your child’s progress and personal achievements, which makes parent partnership more effective.

Contact us in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, to discover more about enjoyable nursery activities as part of our pre-school education.