About Us

At Little Buds Day Care Nursery, we endeavour to continue our positive approach and homely atmosphere while providing children with a loving, caring environment. Managed as a family-run business, we strive to ensure that our ethos is fully maintained.

Our Mission

Our main aim is to provide your child with a secure, safe, and homely atmosphere. Each child will be treated as an individual and cared for by our fully qualified team. We strive to develop your child’s full potential, offering stimulating activities in a warm, creative environment.

Helping Your Child to Express Their Creativity

Your child will have the opportunity to express themselves through art and crafts, imaginative play, and communication such as singing, dancing, playing music, and reading books during story time.

Children benefit from daily exercise, being able to access our three separate outdoor play areas. They now have the opportunity to enjoy our new gardening area and learn the skills of planting and growing their own flowers that they have chosen. Our staff guide children on the importance of physical activity and support children to climb and access the apparatus available to them. 

Your child will be provided with the necessary equipment and materials that will challenge their minds to grow and flourish, in turn developing their interaction and independence skills as well as helping them to gain confidence and feel motivated to learn naturally.

Different Areas of Learning

In each section, children have access to various areas of learning to promote EYFS. All children are challenged to develop the 7 areas of learning through the use of 'development matters'. They all have their own learning plan that is focused around them and their personal learning journeys. Staff support and plan activities weekly to encourage natural learning and achievements for each individual child.

Nutritious Meals

We are very conscientious about how to stimulate and develop your child, and feel that it is necessary for them to have a well-balanced, nutritious menu plan that is offered on a daily basis. By feeding your little bud’s appetite, we can ensure that they have enough energy to learn and play throughout the day. 

Our friendly staff also offer regular fruit snacks throughout the day along with water or milk to promote good oral hygiene. The children also brush their teeth each day and learn the importance of maintaining healthy bodies.

A Great Learning Environment

We will happily liaise with other professionals regarding speech and language and special education needs. Supporting children’s transitions into new school settings, we offer prospective new teachers to join us and observe, and also meet the children who will be leaving. Our staff will provide a full overview of your child’s progress to new teachers to ensure a smooth transition. 

Fully complying with integrated reviews for 2-year-olds, our staff require 2 weeks’ notice to make sure that these are completed and ready in time for your child’s 2-year-old health and wellbeing check with your health visitor.

Owl Track

Parents are able to access children's personal portfolios online by using their own 'Owl Track' account. This offers great parent partnership by giving parents the opportunity to make their own observations at home and add to their child's online journey. Owl Track is a fantastic way to share your child's personal achievements as well as find out more about news or events that are taking place. 

We understand every child is an individual, and that every child matters.

Contact us in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, to discover quality childcare for your little one.